Below is a curated selection of previous works. I'd love to show more, but unfortunately strict NDAs prevent me from divulging the details of some engagements.

Nigella Lawson's Foodim App

I acted as the early-stage technical partner for Nigella and her Pabulum team define the product direction and execution of Foodim, the food-based social media app. The app is designed and built with performance as a number one priority. Instant scalability was key. This wasn't a small app to be used by a handful of users; the scale to which this would grow would be huge and the software had to handle that.

Foodim's runs from a lightweight Laravel application API and has a native Swift iOS application built in collaboration with Ben Dodson.

Industry Leading Estimation Tool

Hambro Roofing have been using technology to optimise as many parts of their business as possible. I have partnered with them extensively to help create a central platform that all jobs, estimates, accounting, assets and more are managed in.

I spent a huge chunk of time working closely with them to help build out a next-generation estimation tool that we are now turning into a standalone digital product to sell within their industry.

I was able to collaborate closely with Loris Leiva, a fantastic frontend developer on this project to build the new estimation tool.

Product & UX Direction for Sterling Lexicon & Suddath

I was hired for my software development experience in the global relocation industry to help Suddath and Sterling Lexicon map out and design their new suite of customer-facing tools and portals.

I helped the companies understand their user's requirements and map out the feature sets required for a multi-stage, long term software development project. I was again able to lean on my network of designers and developers and work in collaboration with Ekrem Elmas to provide the internal software development teams with platform brand guidelines and user experience assets.