David Thorpe
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Partnership Guidelines

I'm interest in chatting to founders and business owners about technical ideas they have that they want to build and launch as a product. This could be anything from a simple invoicing tool to a huge multinational relocation software platform.

We don't need to formalise anything in our initial chats. I want to know what you want to build and I can guide on what it'll take to get there and if it's something that I feel I'd like to get involved in.

Given I would be giving up my time for free (as would you), I'd want to be very sure that the project is something I'm equally as passionate about and believe can be pushed forward by yourself in your respective industry.

It's important to remember I am not a marketer or sales person. I am primarily able to take ideas and turn them into working products and solutions that users love.

My website is quite strongly worded about my preferences, but it's simply to set good expectations between us. I am very friendly and approachable enough to have a chat even if you think it might not go forward. Networking is something I value a lot!

If nothing puts you off, I'd love to arrange a chat. Please email me at: david@davidthorpe.dev

Working Locations

Collaboration is very important to me; but please note that I only work remotely at my co-working space but can make accommodations to visit in-person occasionally where we think it is beneficial to the venture to do so.

Technical Caveats

I only work on ventures where there is no established code expected to remain. Working on someone else's code can create skewed estimates and understandings and create potentially bad expectations between us and so I avoid it wherever possible.

Although I'm always open to hearing about a client's desire to use a particular technology stack, it should be noted that I perform most of my work using Laravel, Go, Vue.js and Tailwind CSS. I ask you to trust my experience in choosing the right tool for the job and if I feel that your venture is outside of the scope of my experience I will always tell you. I will never pretend to be capable of something I'm not.

Advice / Technical Partner

Sometimes my clients don't need active software development services. For example: sometimes they need a dedicated resource in-house but have no technical knowledge within the company to know how to hire the right person. I offer advice, interviewing and reviewing candidates and technical direction at a consulting rate of £75 per hour.

Contract / Freelance / PAYE / Permanent Roles

I am not interested in any cash-for-code jobs right now. This includes contracint, freelancing, full-time, long-term or permanent roles.

Stay updated by email

If you're interested in hearing about what I'm up to; I promise not to send you more than one email per month. I don't really enjoy relying on social media, so I opt for occasional, meaningful emails to interested people.