David Thorpe
Nigella Lawson
Crown Worldwide

Working Locations

Collaboration is very important to me; but please note that I work remotely at my co-working space and home office the majority of the time. I can make accommodations to visit in-person regularly where we think it is beneficial to do so.

Salary Expectations

I would not be able to consider a role that pays less than £90,000 per year. I am however open to chatting to companies if the role is particularly well aligned with my personal interests so don't let the previous figure put you off reaching out for a chat!

Industries I Don't Work For

There's a few industries that I choose not to work for. I don't want to make a moral thing of it, it's just a personal preference so please do not be offended. These industries include:

  • Gambling
  • Finance
  • Alcohol
  • Marketing / Ad-Tech
  • Government

Technical Caveats

It should be noted that my technology experience has been using:

I will never pretend to be capable of something I'm not and so if you're using something that I don't think I'll be effective in helping you with then I'll let you know. This naturally only applies to roles where you need a more hands-on approach to the work; after-all; a captain cannot be an expert of every system of their ship.

Advice / Technical Partner

Sometimes my clients / employers don't need active managerial or software development services. For example: sometimes they need to hire a dedicated resource in-house but have no technical knowledge within the company to know how to hire the right person. I offer advice, interviewing and reviewing candidates and technical direction at a consulting rate of £75 per hour.