[email protected]

Business is busy and I have a duty to take care of my clients so if it takes me a few days to return your email I do apologise.

If you are contacting me about a potential project or idea, then please note that my standard working rate is £450 per day.

Project Guidelines

As standard I offer a full working day at £450 + VAT per day. I am open to hearing about new ideas or projects but please note that I only work remotely at my co-working space but can make accommodations to visit in-person occasionally where we think it is beneficial to the project to do so.

I only work on projects where there is no established code expected to remain. Working on someone else's code can create skewed cost and time estimates and potentially bad expectations between us and so I avoid it wherever possible.

Although I'm always open to hearing about a client's desire to use a particular technology stack, it should be noted that I perform most of my work using Laravel, Go, Vue.js and Tailwind CSS. I ask you to trust me experience in choosing the right tool for the job and if I feel that your project is outside of the scope of my experience I will always tell you.

Advice / Technical Partner

Sometimes my clients don't need active software development services. For example: sometimes they need a dedicated resource in-house but have no technical knowledge within the company to know how to hire the right person. I offer advice, interviewing and reviewing candidates and technical direction at a consulting rate of £100 + VAT per hour.

PAYE / Permanent Roles

I am not interested in full-time, long-term or permanent roles right now.

Legals / Terms

All work is performed through my limited company Carve Digital LTD. When we work together we will do so under a Framework Agreement that details our working arrangement. It clarifies things like: IP ownership, employment status, payment terms (14 days) and liabilities.

I invoice initially every 2 weeks, however after working together enough this can be moved to monthly invoicing.