David Thorpe

Let Me Help You Make The Right Technology Choices

I'm a software engineer by trade based in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. I've consulted for huge brands such as NHS, Nigella Lawson, Crown Worldwide as well as smaller startups helping get app ideas off the paper and onto the screen. I'm pragmatic, practical, easy to work with and understand business enough to be able to turn your ideas into a fully functional, technical solution.

I'm interested in partnering with founders or business owners who have a great idea, passion and drive to push it forward in their respective industry and who are looking to partner with someone capable of building it.

Nigella Lawson
Crown Worldwide

In my 12+ year career I have so far:

  • Worked as an engineering technology lead at LloydsDirect, the UK's leading online pharmacy.
  • Built the foundations behind Nigella Lawson's Foodim app.
  • Built a product that got acquired by Crown Worldwide for a considerable sum.
  • Helped seedata.io get a working application into customer's hands for investors in record time.
  • Worked with small startups to establish game-changing products in their field.
  • And of course, much much more!

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If you're interested in hearing about what I'm up to; I promise not to send you more than one email per month. I don't really enjoy relying on social media, so I opt for occasional, meaningful emails to interested people.