David Thorpe

Leading Effective Software Engineering Teams

I'm a software engineer by trade based in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. I've worked with huge brands such as NHS, LloydsDirect, Nigella Lawson, Crown Worldwide as well as smaller startups helping build and manage teams that can effectively deliver ideas from paper to screen.

I'm interested in bringing my experience to businesses who have a great idea, are passionate about it and need someone to 'lead the way' in implementation. I'm not just a manager; with 15+ years of experience as an engineer, getting my hands dirty in the code is second nature.

Nigella Lawson
Crown Worldwide

In my 15+ year career I have so far:

  • Worked as an engineering technology lead manager at LloydsDirect, the UK's leading online pharmacy.
  • Consulted as Lead Backend Developer for Nigella Lawson's Foodim app.
  • Built a digital product that got acquired by Crown Worldwide for a considerable sum.
  • Lead the development of seedata.io's initial MVP; just in-time for investors to review the result.
  • Worked with small startups to establish game-changing products in their field.
  • And of course, much much more!

I talk about software and technology as well as share my photography on my personal website.